Registered Voters as of 01/24/2021 | Republican: 59,118 | Democrat: 30,586 | Other: 30,409 | Total: 120,113
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Frequently Asked Questions

Voter Registration  

Where can I register to vote? 

You may register in our office at 135 SE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Stuart, FL 34994

Online at

Or when obtaining a drivers license at any Martin County Tax Collectors office



Do I have to be a United States Citizen to register to vote?

Yes.  You must be a United States Citizen to register to vote.


Can I register in Martin County if I live here part of the year and in another state part of the year?

Yes. However, Martin County must be your primary residence and you must only be registered here.  Federal law states you cannot be registered to vote in more than one place at a time..


How do I register if I do not have a permanent address?

Provide your temporary address and notify the Supervisor of Elections office when you have a permanent address.  If you no longer maintain or do not plan to have a permanent address in Martin County, but intend to remain a resident of this county, you may use the main office address of the Supervisor of Elections.  This address is 135 SE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Stuart, FL 34994.


Do I have to declare a political party?

You are not required to declare a party preference.  However, Florida is a closed primary state.  In a primary election, voters may only vote for the candidates in their party.  By not selecting a party, you limit your vote in the primaries to only judges and issues.  The only exception is a Universal Primary Contest or "UPC".  A UPC is a contest in a primary election in which all candidates have the same party affiliation and the winner will have no opposition in the general election.  All qualified electors may vote on a UPC regardless of party affiliation. 


What if I cannot sign my name on the application?

Place your mark or an "X" in the signature box. 

Note: A Power of Attorney's signature does not make an application complete.  The signature must come from the applicant.


How do I change my address, party affiliation or name?

If you have moved within Martin County, you may change your address online, by phone, written notice or by submitting a Voter Registration Application to the Supervisor of Elections.

You may change your party or name by providing a signed written notice, including your date of birth, or submit a Voter Registration Application to the Supervisor of Elections.  

Why do I need to update my signature?

Vote by mail ballots and petitions for candidates or issues are verified by an elector's signature.  If the signature on file does not match the signature on the vote by mail ballot or petition they will not be accepted. A voter's signature evolves with time under normal circumstances and change is a part of the maturation process.  Each elector should provide the elections office with an update of his or her signature particularly when they notice there has been a change.


Is there a deadline to register to vote?

The registration deadline (book closing date) is 29 days before an election.  You must register before the book closing date in order to vote in that election.  You may submit your application to register to vote after the deadline, but you will not be added to the voter rolls until after the election.


Do I have to re-register to vote before each election?

No.  Your registration is permanent if you have voted in at least one of the last two general elections and have not moved out of the county.


Do I have to register somewhere else for city elections?

No, there is one central voter roll in each county which is used for all city, county, state, and national elections.  You must live within the political boundaries of the city to vote in city elections.


After completing a Voter Registration Application, when will I receive a voter I.D. card?

Approximately three weeks after the application is received by the Supervisor of Elections office.



Voter Information


How do I know where to vote?

Find your precinct


When is early voting available?

 Early Voting begins 8 to 15 days prior to each election. 


What hours are the polls open on Election Day?

7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


If I have moved, can I vote in my old precinct?

No, it is illegal to vote in a precinct in which you do not reside.  Contact the Supervisor of Elections office for more information.


What identification do I need in order to vote?

A signed photo I.D.  Identification Requirements.

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