Registered Voters as of 07/31/2020 | Republican: 56,503 | Democrat: 29,635 | Other: 28,399 | Total: 114,537
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SOE collaborates with Clerk of Court

I think we can all agree collaboration is beneficial when properly aligned. When local government can collaborate, and it works, it is collaboration at its finest!

Citizens I speak with throughout our county tell me they look to local elected officials to function in a spirit of cooperation and service to our community at large. One example of collaboration is between Carolyn Timmann, our clerk of circuit court and county comptroller, and the supervisor of elections office.

Ms. Timmann and her staff have teamed up with your Martin County Supervisor of Elections office to advance one of the most important functions of local government—expanding voter knowledge of and involvement in the electoral process. Thanks to this collaboration, every Monday morning the supervisor of elections and staff speak to citizens summoned for jury service.

This opportunity benefits Martin County on multiple levels. First of all, it streamlines our outreach efforts, which saves precious tax dollars. Also, insightful questions always arise, which help us better communicate our mission to educate voters within the community.

Monday mornings at the Clerk’s office helps us recruit new poll workers, provide materials on Vote-by-Mail, update addresses, change party affiliations, register voters and dispel myths. One of the most common misconceptions is that refraining from registering to vote will get you out of jury duty. As you might imagine, people quickly forgo this thought when they realize selection for jurors is derived from a list of those individuals who have a driver’s license – not from the registered voter database.

Hopefully, while providing important information to our residents and voters, we are also contributing to a new impression—that local government works best when it works together on behalf of the citizens.

Vicki Davis

Martin County Supervisor of Elections

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