Votantes registrados a partir de 06/04/2020 | Republican: 55,791 | Demócrata: 29,334 | Otro: 28,058 | Total: 113,183
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1.  You can request a Vote by Mail ballot to be mailed to you by:

·       Call the Elections Center at 772-288-5637 or TTY 772-692-7320

·       MartinVotes.com - click here

·       Mail a signed written note, including date of birth to:

                                Supervisor of Elections
                                   PO Box 1257       
                                 Stuart FL  34995

2.   Early Voting is available prior to each election.  Click here for locations and times.

3.   Vote Election Day

·       Accessible Precincts - Click here to Find My Precinct

·       Accessible Voting Procedures

·       Accessible Voting Equipment - Click here for intructions

At each early voting site and precinct, ADA compliant iVotronic voting machines are available to voters who need an enlarged font or the ability to have the ballot electronically read.  The ADA iVotronic is equipped with an innovative audio ballot feature combined with Braille-embossed navigation buttons, enabling visually impaired voters to cast their ballot efficiently with complete privacy.  Its self-contained ballot and lightweight construction deliver complete portability for wheelchair access, if needed.  The ADA iVotronic makes the voting experience easy for all.



ADA iVotronic

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