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Letter to the Editor - 2012 PPP

Dear Editor:


We recently gave thanks for our many “blessings of liberty,” and we’re now preparing for the seasonal celebration of the greatest gifts imaginable—love, faith, peace, hope, joy and togetherness. Yet this time is punctuated with rushing around and looming deadlines, to which I ask you to mark another—January 3rd—on your calendar.

This is the last day to change your party affiliation or register to vote for the January 31st Presidential Preference Primary, where Republicans will pick a challenger to President Obama.


The Presidential Preference Primary sometimes seems to catch voters by surprise, but its’ January date was enacted by then-Gov. Charlie Crist in 2007—making Florida the fifth state to pick the potential president behind Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Arizona.


Early voting for the Presidential Preference Primary occurs Saturday, January 21st through Saturday, January 28th at the Martin County Elections Center, located at 135 SE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, in Stuart.  This will be the only early voting location for this election and voting will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  


Voting locations have changed, so please check your Voter Information Card, which was recently mailed to pinpoint your precinct. Voter trends have changed—in 2008, 69 percent of Martin County electors voted before Election Day. We cut 46 precincts back to 31, while taking steps to ensure adequate parking and ample assistance so voters enjoy an efficient and pleasant experience. 


As we ready for a lively election season, my dedicated staff and I wish you and yours a meaningful holiday season. We also thank Martin voters for caring so deeply about our country and our county, and granting us the chance to facilitate one of the most important blessings of liberty—the right to vote.


Vicki Davis

Martin County Supervisor of Elections


[email protected]


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