Restoration of Civil Rights

Starting January 8, 2019, certain convicted felons who have completed their sentences, including parole and probation, will have their voting rights automatically restored and will be eligible to register to vote.
  • Exception: Felons convicted of murder or sexual offenses are not eligible to register and vote unless the Florida Commission on Offender Review, Office of Executive Clemency restores their voting rights.

  • How do I know if my voting rights have been restored?
  • The voting rights for most convicted felons in Florida are automatically restored when all terms of your sentencing are complete.

  • My voting rights have been restored. Do I need to do anything before I can vote?
  • Yes. You must register to vote before you can vote in any election. State law requires all voters to be registered at least 29 days prior to an election.

  • If I was removed from the voter rolls due to a felony conviction, will I automatically be re-registered to vote?
  • No. If a voter's name has been removed from the voting rolls due to a felony conviction, the individual must re-register to vote.

  • If you are uncertain about the status of your sentencing obligations, the agencies listed below have resources to assist you.

    Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller (in the county where sentenced)
    Martin County

    Florida Department of Corrections

    Florida Commission on Offender Review, Office of Executive Clemency
    800-435-8286 or 850-488-2952

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