Registered Voters as of 10/23/2018 | Republican: 56,798 | Democrat: 28,879 | Other: 28,557 | Total: 114,234
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Student Poll Worker

Junior & Senior Students


Participate in government, serve your community, and

learn about the electoral process!


The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) is looking for students in

good standing with school and community to work at the

polls on election day.



     ü     Experience first-hand the democratic process


                    ü     Bring new energy to the election day team


     ü     Earn $$$


     ü     Earn community service hours


     ü     Orientation & online training required  


Working together, we can take a positive step toward

increasing youth voter turnout.


To apply, you must be 18 years old and registered to vote in Martin County (or 17 years old and pre-registered). For an application click here or call 772-288-5637.

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