Municipal Elected Officials

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City of Stuart
Mayor - City Commissioner (Group IV)
Kelli Glass Leighton
Vice Mayor - City Commissioner (Group II)
Becky Bruner
City Commissioner (Group I)
Mike Meier 
City Commissioner (Group III)
Merritt Matheson
City Commissioner (Group V)
Eula Clarke
City Clerk
Mary Kindel
121 Flagler Avenue - Stuart, FL - 772.288.5300
Town of Jupiter Island
Whitney D. Pidot
Vice Mayor
Maura Collins
Peter H. Conze Jr.
C. Barrows (Barry) Hall
Penelope D. Townsend
Town Clerk
Vanessa Mutchnik
P.O. Box 7 - Hobe Sound, FL - 772.546.5011
Town of Ocean Breeze
Karen M. Ostrand
Kenneth DeAngeles
Vice President
Ann Kagdis
Council Members
Richard Gerold
Mary Jo Geyer
Terry Locatis
David Wagner
Town Clerk
Pam Orr
P.O. Box 1025 - Jensen Beach, FL - 772.334.6826
Town of Sewall's Point
Paul Luger
Vice Mayor
Frank Fender
Vinny Barile
James W. Campo
David Kurzman
1 S Sewall's Point Rd. - Stuart, FL - 772.287.2455
Village of Indiantown
Susan Gibbs Thomas
Vice Mayor
Guyton Stone
Council Members
Jackie Clarke
Anthony D. Dowling
Janet Hernandez

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