Registered Voters as of 01/19/2021 | Republican: 59,173 | Democrat: 30,589 | Other: 30,307 | Total: 120,069
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Update Your Registration

After you are registered to vote in Florida, it is important to keep your voter registration record up to date with your current address, name, and desired party affiliation.

Address Change


If you moved within Martin County, you may change your address by phone, by sending a signed letter or online at . 

If you moved from another Florida county to Martin County, you may change your address by phone, by e-mail (and you must include your birthday) or online at

Party Affiliation and Party Changes

Florida is a closed primary state. In a primary election, you are entitled to vote the official primary election ballot of the political party you are registered with and no other, FS 101.021.

You must be registered with your party of choice 29 days before a primary election, FS 97.055

At a general election, you may vote for any candidate or question on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation.

Voters may change their party by written notice that contains the voter’s date of birth or voter registration number or online at



Name Change/Signature Update

Voters may change their name by written notice that contains the voter’s date of birth or voter registration number or online at


Has your signature changed? When you return a Vote by Mail ballot or sign a petition, your signature is verified against the signature we have on file. If the signatures do not match, your ballot may not be counted or your petition may not be accepted.

Power of attorney does not apply to voter registration. If for medical or other reasons you are unable to sign your complete name, please submit any mark you are capable of making. For voter registration purposes this mark will be deemed your signature. Voters may update their signature online at

The Martin County Supervisor of Elections is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website to individuals with disabilities. To report an ADA accessibility issue, request accessibility assistance regarding our website content, or to request a specific electronic format, please contact Debbie Dent, Chief Deputy (772) 288-5637, TTY (772) 692-7320, or email [email protected] . We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate all needs.

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