County Elected Officials

Federal | State | County | Municipal
Constitutional Offices
Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller
Carolyn Timmann
Property Appraiser
Laurel Kelly
William Snyder
Supervisor of Elections
Vicki Davis
Tax Collector
Ruth Pietruszewski
County Commission
District 1
Doug Smith
District 2
Stacey Hetherington
District 3
Harold Jenkins
District 4
Sarah Heard
District 5
Edward V. Ciampi
School Board
District 1
Christia Li Roberts
District 2
Marsha Powers
District 3
Victoria Defenthaler
District 4
Anthony Anderson
District 5
Michael DiTerlizzi
County Court Judge, Group 1
Darren Steele
County Court Judge, Group 2
Jennifer Alcorta Waters 
County Court Judge, Group 3
Kathleen H. Roberts
Martin Soil & Water Conservation District
Supervisor Group 1
Supervisor Group 2
Supervisor Group 3
Supervisor Group 4
Supervisor Group 5
Wayne J. Barricklow

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