Registered Voters as of 03/23/2019 | Republican: 56,544 | Democrat: 28,534 | Other: 28,746 | Total: 113,824
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Martin County Supervisor of Elections Survey

1. By which method did you vote during the general election?
Mail Early Voting Election Day

2. Did you feel that your elections office provided you with adequate information regarding the 2016 elections?
Yes Sometimes No

3. How often do you visit the Elections Center website?
Often Occasionally Never

4. If you visited the Election Center’s website, did you find the site user friendly?
Yes No

5. How often do you access the elections office social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)?
Often Occasionally Never

6. Would you be interested in receiving information about becoming a Martin County Elections Worker in 2018?
Yes No

7. If you answered YES to question six, please provide your contact information below:
8. Is there anything else the Elections Center can do to better serve you? (Please specify)
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