Elected Officials

PresidentDonald Trump
Vice PresidentMichael Pence
US Senate
United States SenatorRick Scott
United States SenatorMarco Rubio
US Congress
United States Representative District 18Brian Mast
US Supreme Court (Appointed)
Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme CourtJohn G Roberts, Jr
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeSamuel Anthony Alito, Jr
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeStephen Breyer
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeRuth Bader-Ginsburg
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeAnthony Kennedy
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeElena Kagan
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeSonia Sotomayor
U.S. Supreme Court JusticeClarence Thomas
GovernorRon DeSantis
Lt. GovernorJeanette Nuñez
Attorney GeneralAshley Moody
Chief Financial OfficerJimmy Patronis
Secretary of State (Appointed)Laurel Lee
Commissioner of AgricultureNicole "Nikki" Fried
State Senate
State Senator District 25Gayle B. Harrell
State House
State Representative District 83Toby Overdorf
State Representative District 82MaryLynn Magar
Florida Supreme Court
Chief Justice, Florida Supreme CourtJorge Labarga
Justice of the Supreme CourtBarbara Pariente
Justice of the Supreme CourtR. Fred Lewis
Justice of the Supreme CourtCharles T Canady
Justice of the Supreme CourtRicky Polston
Justice of the Supreme CourtPeggy A. Quince
Justice of the Supreme CourtJames E.C. Perry
District Court of Appeal (Appointed)
Chief Judge, 4th District Court of AppealCory J. Cilkin
District Court of AppealRobert M. Gross
District Court of AppealDorian K Damoorgian
District Court of AppealBurton C. Conner
District Court of AppealJonathan D Gerber
District Court of AppealMark W. Klingensmith
District Court of AppealSpencer D Levine
District Court of AppealMelanie G. May
District Court of AppealAlan O Forst
District Court of AppealW. Stevenson
District Court of AppealCarole Y. Taylor
District Court of AppealMartha Warner
State Attorney
State AttorneyBruce Colton
Public Defender
Public DefenderDiamond R. Litty
Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 7Steven Levin
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 1James McCann
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 2Gary L. Sweet
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 3Sherwood Bauer, Jr
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 4Michael Heisey
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 5Paul Kanarek
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 6F. Shields McManus
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 8Janet Croom
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 9Charles Schwab
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 10Laurie Buchanan
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 11Victoria Griffin
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 12Robert Belanger
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 13Cynthia Cox
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 14William Roby
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 15Dan Vaughn
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 16Lawrence Mirman
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 17Barbara W Bronis
Chief Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 18Elizabeth A Metzger
Circuit Judge, 19th Circuit GROUP 19Robert L Pegg
Constitutional Officers
Clerk of the Circuit Court & ComptrollerCarolyn Timmann
Superintendent of SchoolsLaurie Gaylord
Supervisor of ElectionsVicki Davis
Tax CollectorRuth "Ski" Pietruszewski
SheriffWilliam Snyder
Property AppraiserLaurel Kelly
County Court Judges
County Court Judge GROUP 1Darren Steele
County Court Judge GROUP 2Jennifer Alcorta Waters
County Court Judge GROUP 3Kathleen H. Roberts
Board of County Commissioners
County Commissioner District 1Doug Smith
County Commissioner District 2Stacey Hetherington
County Commissioner District 3Harold E. Jenkins
County Commissioner District 4Sarah E. Heard
County Commissioner District 5Edward Ciampi
School Board
School Board Member District 1Christia Li Roberts
School Board Member District 2Marsha Powers
School Board Member District 3Victoria Defenthaler
School Board Member District 4Anthony Whitmore Anderson
School Board Member District 5Michael DiTerlizzi
City of Stuart
MayorEula Clark
Vice MayorTom Campenni
CommissionerJeffrey Krasukopt
CommissionerTroy McDonald
CommissionerKelli Glass Leighton
Town of Jupiter Island
MayorWhitney D. Pidot
Vice MayorElisabeth "Betsy" Allen
CommissionerMaura Collins
CommissionerPeter Conze
CommissionerBarry Hall
Town of Ocean Breeze
MayorKaren Ostrand
PresidentAnn Kagdis
Vice PresidentKenneth DeAngeles
Council MemberJerry Collins
Council MemberRichard Gerold
Council MemberTerry Locatis
Council MemberDavid Wagner
Town of Sewall's Point
MayorJames Campo
Vice MayorPaul Lugar
CommissionerVincent N Barile
CommissionerFrank Fender
CommissionerDan Morris