Finance Reports
General Election
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Barry-Sorenson, MauraSchool Board Member, District 41011/9/2010
Boynton, CameronSchool Board Member, District 3711/18/2010
Fielding, EdCounty Commissioner, District 2101/20/2011
Gaylord, LaurieSchool Board Member, District 3511/22/2010
Gorman, JeffCounty Commissioner, District 214/12/2010
Heard, SarahCounty Commissioner, District 4161/13/2011
Hershey, StewartCounty Court Judge, Group 226/30/2010
Lustgarten, DavidCounty Court Judge, Group 127/12/2010
McSoley, TinaSchool Board Member, District 4101/31/2011
Pickard, DonaldCounty Commissioner, District 459/1/2010
Roberts, Christia LiSchool Board Member, District 1411/21/2010
Schmidt, WilliamCounty Commissioner, District 4911/22/2010
Shekailo, LorieSchool Board Member, District 1411/21/2010
Sparks, GarySchool Board Member, District 4411/21/2010
Steele, DarrenCounty Court Judge, Group 127/29/2010
Valliere, SusanCounty Commissioner, District 2910/16/2010
Weberman, LeeCounty Commissioner, District 468/30/2010
Yudin, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 2111/24/2011
Committee Reports Last Filed
Citizens for an Appointed Superintendent41/7/2011
Democratic Executive Committee41/12/2011
Democratic Women's Club of Martin County91/3/2011
Future PAC91/3/2011
Protect Our Right to Vote - Just Say No61/31/2011
Republican Council of 10091/13/2011
Republican Executive Committee41/13/2011