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2004 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Anderson, DavidSchool Board Member, Dist. 5710/28/2004
Beonde, Tony "Doc"School Board Member, Dist. 2511/29/2004
Crowder, RobertSheriff1012/17/2004
Davis, VickiSupervisor of Elections91/17/2005
DiTerlizzi, MichaelCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5811/19/2004
Ewing, MarshaClerk of the Circuit Court310/14/2004
Harper, DavidCounty Court Judge, Grp. 1211/15/2004
Hayes, PatrickCounty Commissioner, Dist. 3611/22/2004
Hershey, StewartCounty Court Judge, Grp. 2211/15/2004
Hershey, SusanSchool Board Member, Dist. 2911/18/2004
Holliday, MikeCounty Commissioner, Dist. 11011/28/2004
Huber, TheresaSupervisor of Elections511/15/2004
Jackson, JackiSchool Board Member, Dist. 5710/19/2004
Jochem, DerickSupervisor of Elections512/9/2004
Kelly, LaurelProperty Appraiser710/28/2004
Kline, NancySchool Board Member, Dist. 4121/31/2005
Knott, DonSupervisor of Elections512/9/2004
Lussy, RichardProperty Appraiser711/16/2004
McChrystal, FrancisCounty Commissioner, Dist. 181/30/2005
Milton, JonathanSheriff711/19/2004
Molfetta, JoeSchool Board Member, Dist. 4510/24/2004
Moore, AudriaSchool Board Member, Dist. 4611/29/2004
Nicholas, JerrySupervisor of Elections611/29/2004
O'Steen, LarryTax Collector311/15/2004
Pollack, IanCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5711/10/2004
Ross, EmmieSupervisor of Elections103/1/2005
Sinclair, TimothySuperintendent of Schools811/29/2004
Smith, DougCounty Commissioner, Dist. 11312/19/2004
Smith, OdiasCounty Commissioner, Dist. 5611/23/2004
Sorenson, KirkCounty Commissioner, Dist. 31211/24/2004
Traill, DavidSchool Board Member, Dist. 491/31/2005
Weberman, LeeCounty Commissioner, Dist. 3811/4/2004
Wilcox, Dr. SaraSuperintendent of Schools611/9/2004
Wilcox, JoanCounty Commissioner, Dist. 1911/29/2004
Committee Reports Last Filed

No commmittees found.

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