Registered Voters as of 01/18/2020 | Republican: 55,248 | Democrat: 27,869 | Other: 28,202 | Total: 111,319
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2008 Election Cycle
Candidate Office Reports Last Filed
Anderson, DavidSchool Board Member, District 5611/21/2008
Armstrong, DennisTax Collector711/24/2008
Arnold, DennyTax Collector79/15/2008
Baron, RichardCounty Commissioner, District 139/18/2008
Barry-Sorenson, MauraSchool Board Member, District 4111/22/2009
Bennett, MarthaCounty Commissioner, District 3121/11/2009
Black, TimSchool Board Member, District 2511/26/2008
Blake, DanielCounty Commissioner, District 549/23/2008
Born, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 589/5/2008
Brent, EricCounty Commissioner, District 1411/13/2008
Campbell, L.C.School Board Member, District 481/29/2009
Capps, J. BlakeCounty Commissioner, District 326/10/2008
Ciampi, EdwardCounty Commissioner, District 5142/2/2009
Copeland, HenryCounty Commissioner, District 1711/24/2008
Crowder, RobertSheriff111/26/2009
Davis, VickiSupervisor of Elections46/23/2008
Ewing, MarshaClerk of the Circuit Court27/28/2008
Fullman, TomCounty Commissioner, District 1102/2/2009
Gent, WayneSuperintendent of Schools59/10/2008
Gleichman, DonaldCounty Commissioner, District 181/22/2009
Green, LindaCounty Commissioner, District 5112/19/2009
Hallonquist, AlSchool Board Member, District 4611/25/2008
Hayes, PatrickCounty Commissioner, District 3112/2/2009
Hershey, SusanSchool Board Member, District 21011/20/2008
Hockey, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 5911/18/2008
Jackson, JackiSchool Board Member, District 5911/21/2008
Johnson, B.R.Sheriff59/3/2008
Kelly, LaurelProperty Appraiser710/5/2008
Kline, NancySuperintendent of Schools182/2/2009
Leddy, AnneSchool Board Member, District 4511/20/2008
Lussy, RichardProperty Appraiser39/2/2008
McDermott, D. BryanCounty Commissioner, District 124/10/2008
Miller, EricSuperintendent of Schools812/18/2008
Milton, JonathanSheriff29/16/2008
Moore, AudriaSchool Board Member, District 417/6/2008
Nienkemper, Robert19/26/2007
Olds, WilliamSuperintendent of Schools611/24/2008
Olio, DavidTax Collector812/4/2008
Patteson, JohnCounty Commissioner, District 5912/23/2008
Pietruszewski, Ruth "Ski"Tax Collector811/10/2008
Pollack, IanCounty Commissioner, District 5510/27/2008
Roberts, KathleenCounty Court Judge, Group 327/19/2008
Sills, AndrewTax Collector910/13/2008
Sinclair, TimothySuperintendent of Schools711/16/2008
Smith, DougCounty Commissioner, District 11112/4/2008
Weberman, LeeCounty Commissioner, District 379/18/2008
Wilcox, JoanCounty Commissioner, District 1231/14/2009
Winn, CharlesSheriff812/30/2008
Committee Reports Last Filed
Democratic Executive Committee194/3/2009
Democratic Women's Club of Martin County131/7/2009
Future PAC121/5/2009
Keep Martin County Green PAC, Inc.81/8/2009
Martin County Democratic Club14/3/2008
Martin County United31/2/2009
Republican Council of 10091/12/2009
Republican Executive Committee41/12/2009
Your Friends & Neighbors in Martin County81/8/2009
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