Registered Voters as of 12/21/2014 | Republican: 52,253 | Democrat: 27,205 | Other: 26,214 | Total: 105,672
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Martin County Voters,

In all the years you've entrusted me with the privilege of serving as your elections supervisor, I've been amazed and impressed at the civic engagement of Martin County voters. This latest election was no different.

In a recent letter to the editor I challenged voters to exceed the 55 percent voter turnout recorded during 2010's off-year election. You did just that. Yet again, our voter turnout for this election - at 59.36 percent - ranked among the highest in the state.

As you're well aware, each year we emphasize the convenience of Vote by Mail, an option many Martin County voters now choose. This year, however, was fascinating as we saw a return to mass voting on Election Day - and in a nonpresidential year! Over 23,000 Martin County voters cast their ballots on November 4.

Fortunately, the voting process was smooth on Election Day, with no reports of unnecessarily long lines or concerns over confusing ballot language. The credit for no delays at the polls goes directly to our "Elections Team of 2014."

We have hundreds of poll workers, including student techs, rovers and temporary staff, who generously invest their time to be trained in state elections requirements and processes so they're well prepared to address whatever arises. They make things so much easier for voters. I'm also indebted to the dedication of my staff, which prepares literally years in advance to ensure every detail is addressed so voters have a straightforward voting experience.

Having recently conducted a recount on the One-Cent Sales Tax Referendum which resulted in a 64 vote difference, this effort once again reminds us that each and every vote does count. Thank you Martin County voters, for defying the trends and the critics - and for demonstrating your committment to our community and our country.

Vicki Davis
Martin County Supervisor of Elections

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