Registered Voters as of 06/27/2017 | Republican: 54,910 | Democrat: 27,396 | Other: 26,412 | Total: 108,718
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Your Elections Staff
Vicki Davis Vicki Davis, CERA, MFCEP
Supervisor of Elections
Debbie Dent Debbie Dent, CERA, MFCEP
Chief Deputy
Ed Hunt Ed Hunt
Assistant Chief Deputy
Kherri Anderson Kherri Anderson, CERA, MFCEP
Deputy of Elections Outreach
Community Outreach/Poll Worker Coordination
Diana Raysor Diana Raysor
Deputy of Elections Operations
Human Resources/Accounting
Lori Sands Lori Sands
Deputy of Voter Services
Voter Registration Services
Gaby Kiernan Gaby Kiernan
Deputy of Support Services
Voter Registration Services
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